Chapter Update

July 9, 2018

The 2017-2018 school year saw Gamma-Kappa reach new heights as a chapter. As a chapter, we were recognized at Kappa Sigma’s Grand Conclave as a winner of the prestigious Founders’ Award of Chapter Excellence. In October, we were named the 2017 Homecoming Homecoming Champions alongside Gamma Phi Beta and the Black Student Association, winning our third-consecutive Float competition. Come March, we won the Miracle Cup for having the most outstanding contribution to CAC’s Soonerthon of any large male organization. In Intramurals, we won first-place in softball and dodgeball and placed in volleyball within the last year. We participated in University Sing with the ladies of Alpha Phi and in Sooner Scandals with the women of Chi Omega. Additionally, we completed numerous group volunteer activities, including fundraising nearly $4,000 for Hurricane Harvey relief in just a few days.


In addition to our chapter activities, our members have made outstanding contributions to the University community in the past year. Here are just a few highlights:

Campus Awards

At the 2018 Campus Awards Ceremony, members Ryan Jones and Evan Rabb were recognized as recipients of the prestigious Big Man on Campus Award for their outstanding contributions to the University community.

In addition to these campus awards, member Jarrod Daily-Paddock was recognized as a recipient of the prestigious Rennie Cook Student Life Award, Outstanding Greek Senior, and Outstanding Recruitment Guide. Member Andrew Barton was recognized as one of the other two Outstanding Recruitment Guides for the Interfraternity Council.

Campus Activities Council (CAC)

Throughout 2017-2018, our chapter had three members serving on the 22-person General Council for CAC, the most of any IFC chapter, with Evan Rabb serving as Vice Chair, Harris Neuens serving as Secretary, and Jarrod Daily-Paddock serving as Sooner Scandals Chair. In addition to these members serving on the governing body for CAC, we had dozens more members serving on CAC executive committees.

At the end of the year, member Evan Rabb was elected by the student body to serve as CAC Chair for the 2018-2019 school year and Ryan Jones was elected by General Council to serve as CAC’s treasurer for upcoming school year.

Camp Crimson

Last summer, we had the honor of having nine members serving as leaders at Camp Crimson, OU’s official orientation program. This included an unparalleled two members Andrew Cook and Jarrod Daily-Paddock serving as Orientation Guides, the highest form of student leadership at Camp Crimson.

This summer, we’ve seen even more members serving as Small Group Leaders for Camp Crimson.

Interfraternity Council

This past year, we saw one of the highest levels of involvement in the IFC community of any chapter. We held three of the eight positions on the IFC Executive Board during the last year, with member Michael Akins serving as the 2018 Vice President of Member Education and Evan Rabb serving as the 2017 Vice President of Recruitment and the 2018 Vice President of Public Affairs. In addition to serving on the executive board, we had five members serve as Executive Associates, twelve members serve as Recruitment Guides, and members participating in the Fraternity Leadership Class.

Multicultural Life

This past year, member Taylor Chiarello served as President of the American Indian Student Association and was more recently chosen to serve as Mr. Indian OU throughout the next year. Taylor was the only IFC member serving as a major multicultural organization President and is currently the only IFC man serving as a member of OU’s multicultural royalty.



These represent just a fraction of the outstanding achievements our chapter and members have made in the past year. For more frequent updates, please follow Gamma-Kappa’s social media profiles.



October 14, 2015

Our current philanthropy chair, Rohan Asundi, has been working tremendously hard to plan brand new philanthropy projects for Kappa Sigma. A couple weeks ago, we hosted “Block Party”, a joint philanthropy between Kappa Sigma and Alpha Chi Omega. In the coming weeks, we have projects planned with Kappa Kappa Gamma as well as Alpha Phi.



July 27, 2015

With the construction of the house coming to a close, the brothers of Gamma-Kappa are extremely excited for rush in mid-August. After bringing home multiple awards at Kappa Sigma’s Grand Conclave, the undergraduates of the Gamma-Kappa chapter plan to continue their successes, first by repeating their Top 15 Recruiting Chapter performance and then through the everyday acts of the Chapter as a whole.

This coming year will be very exciting for everyone involved, both undergraduates and alumni, as Gamma-Kappa takes the next step forward to becoming the most successful it can be.


February 26, 2014

The brothers of Gamma-Kappa have enjoyed another year of success, accumulating over 13,000 hours of community service and contributing over $7,500 to various charities. Additionally, the Chapter has contributed $4,000 to the Military Heroes Campaign, with the annual Alumni Golf Tournament scheduled for April 27. Aside from service, recruitment efforts also proved successful, as Gamma-Kappa produced 42 new members this year. Currently, Gamma-Kappa has the largest pledge class of all 19 fraternities on campus.

The brothers would also like to acknowledge the 181 donors that have made the construction of our new house possible. To date, the campaign has raised $4.62 million of the more than $7.0 million project. Construction is scheduled to be finished and ready to move in by August 2014.


September 1, 2013

The most exciting event that happened this summer was the demolition of the old chapter house at 1100 College Ave. Although sad to see such a historic building torn down, the members are excited to build a new future for the Chapter. The new house will still be located at 1100 College Ave and will feature the most state-of-the-art amenities that will easily attract new recruits every year. Gamma-Kappa would like to send an enormous thank you to every single alumnus who has contributed to the future of the Chapter.

Congratulations to Brother Taylor A. Hatchett (’12), Grand Master, for receiving the Undergraduate Brother of the Year Award for Area 4 at the 69th Biennial Grand Conclave. In addition, the Chapter would like to congratulate Brother Ronal K. “RK” Holsey (Mu-Gamma, Texas A&M, ’09) for being selected to serve as a Kappa Sigma Fellow, which will help better the Order locally and on a national level.