Join Kappa Sigma

“I chose Kappa Sig because it was unexplainably more than what I expected a typical fraternity to be. Truthfully, it’s not just a fraternity— it’s a family. The fellowship and camaraderie between all the brothers and the authenticity that I never expected to find in a big college fraternity absolutely sold me. At Kappa Sig, I felt at home. And after being in this fraternity for multiple years now, I can say with absolute confidence that I made the complete right choice. It’s a place where you will have constant support, unending friendships, lifelong memories, and continual motivation to be the best version of yourself. There is no pressure to be anyone other than yourself, and that feeling is second to no other house. If you are interested in finding your place in college where you can thrive and excel on every level of life, Kappa Sig has your name written all over it. Come check us out!”. 

 -Tye Strickland, Chapter President